Super excited to present to you the latest version of the Cannagar Kits which brings some big game changers to the table. 

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What's New about this product!?

  • Storage Space: v4 features two storage spaces located on each press side. The female side has a space to store your king sized papers. The male side has a remote battery like cover that needs to be removed to access the storage space. This space can hold up to 8 original tips and can also be used to hold smaller papers and tools!
  • Packing Tool: v4 packing tool now has a removeable threaded head, great for traveling.
  • 1.5mm/3mm Skewer Compatibility: This new design now works with both 1.5mm and 3mm skewers for those tho want more air flow threw the draw hole.
  • L Skewer: The new 1.5mm L shaped skewer can be inserted into both sides of the mold and when closed together the L skewer keeps itself from falling out.


  • Print Orientaion: Printed in the standing position ( Z axis) so that the grooves of the print don't interfer with removing the core.


Check out my Instagram account @cannagarkitsv2 for some rolling videos, tips and ideas!


v4 Orignial Kit Includes: (8.5mm x 100mm)  

  • X1 v4 Original Press (M/F) + Cover
  • X 2 Flex Bands
  • X1 v4 Packing Tool, 8.5mm Head
  • X1 Original Organitip
  • X1 1.5mm Stainless L-Skewer
  • X1 3mm Bamboo Skewer
  • X1 3mm Bamboo Poker

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Designed and Produced in Los Angeles, Ca.

Due to filiament availablity, color may vary.

Made with PLA Fillament

v4 Original Kit (8.5x100mm)


    Products are intended for legal use only.

    You must be 21 years of age to browse this website and purchase products.


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