Small Size: Makes a 11.5mm x 85mm sized stick (2g's)

Includes: Mold, Skewer, 5ft Hemp Wick


Large Size: Makes a 17.5mm x 125mm sized stick. (5g's)

Includes: Mold, Skewer, 5ft Hemp Wick, Shoe String


Instructions: Kabob your contents around the skewer first then squish it between the molds. Tie up the mold using hemp wick or shoe string. Wait a few hours and check to see if there are any voids or empty spaces. Add more and repeat untill happy with the shape. Remove the core and wrap it with anything you prefer. You can also wrap the stick up again with hemp wick after you wrapped it with your favorite wrap.

Designed and Produced in Los Angeles, Ca

Due to filiament availablity, color may vary. Made with PLA 3D Fillament

ALL Products are made to order. Handling time may take up to 5 business days.


Thaistick Kits


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