I started my cannagar journey almost 2 years ago. One day I was casually browsing Instagram and came across an account by the name of @Leiracannagars and fell in love with his account and his Cannagar creations. Sadly they were only available in Washington state and no cannagars could be found anywhere in SoCal on WeedMaps, so I took it upon myself to make my OWN!


I bought a couple presses online and met some solid people on IG ( @All.thaid.up / @Solventlessmind ) that spent time with me and helped me develop my own style and technique for making Cuban style cannagars formerly know as @CastroCigaCo. The presses I bought were great but I always ended up having to make shift up my own tools to help make the process easier.


Ironically around the same time I had bought / built my first 3D printer ( Tevo Tarantula ) started messing around with CAD software. I ended up putting the two together and started designing my own presses, tools & accessories. 

I was feeling friendly so I sent some as a gift to @All.thaid.up and he ended up posting a picture of it on his account / story then.....my DM's blew up and it all started from there. 


I made a Online Store, bought 2 bigger 3D printers ( Tevo Tornado ) and quit my job to follow the pursuit of happiness! I love ALL the feedback I get from customers about the products and enjoy spreading tech with newbies. Thanks to everyone for all the support, I am truly blessed. 



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